"They serve the best Sujamma I've ever tasted over at the Retching Netch. Worth every coin."
―Redoran Guard

The Retching Netch is the only inn and tavern in Raven Rock and the only inn on Solstheim. It is located across from the blacksmith Glover Mallory's forge, and is owned by Geldis Sadri.

Background[edit | edit source]

According to Geldis, the inn was named after an amusing incident he witnessed several years ago. One night, he saw one of his regular customers drunkenly singing and stumbling near the docks. As a netch approached him, he threw his bottle of sujamma at it. The bottle smashed on the back of the netch and it became intoxicated before vomiting.

A room can be rented for one night like most inns for 10 Gold. When entered, the Dragonborn will be on the ground floor, which has a small interior where Teldryn Sero awaits to be hired for 500 Gold. Mogrul can often be found here, along with Slitter, when not browsing the marketplace. 

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Part of the tale of how Geldis named the Retching Netch is a reference to the movie Twister, when a similar story is shared about how Bill, one of the protagonists, at one time was naked and drunk and tossed a bottle of Jack Daniels into a tornado, which allegedly never touched the ground.

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