The Runaway Slave is a miscellaneous quest, starting when the Nerevarine meets Reeh-Jah northwest of the Erabenimsun Camp. He is an escaped slave trying to get to Ebonheart.


  1. Speak with Reeh-Jah.
    • A runaway slave? I'll help you to the Mission.
    • A runaway slave? You'll be worth some money back in Tel Aruhn.
    • Go on your way. I have no wish to get involved in this.
  2. Escort Reeh-Jah safely to Ebonheart or to the slave market in Tel Aruhn.
  3. Depending on where Reeh-Jah was led to:


The journeyEdit

Just south of Tel Aruhn, the Nerevarine can meet Reeh-Jah who, at first, cannot be spoken to properly. After their Disposition is above 50, however, will tell the Nerevarine that he has escaped the slave market, and is on his way to the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart as he thinks they can help him. After agreeing to help him, try and escort him as safely as possible. There are many hostile creatures which can easily kill him, as he has low health and no weapons, so take caution while traveling with him.

Arriving at the destinationEdit

Upon reaching Ebonheart, look for the Argonian Mission. After speaking Im-Kilaya, the Blood Belt will be received as a reward, as well as a raise in reputation with the Twin Lamps by 10 points.

Alternatively, the player can also choose to take him back to the slave market located in Tel Aruhn. When speaking with Savile Imayn, she will give 150GoldIcon as a reward, but the Nerevarine's reputation with the Twin Lamps will drop by 10 points.

Reeh-Jah doesn't surviveEdit

It is possible to still receive a reward in the event of Reeh-Jah dying, if the player talks to Savile. She will give 50GoldIcon as a reward for getting rid of the escapee, but there will still be a drop in reputation with the Twin Lamps by 10 points.


The Runaway Slave – MV_RunawaySlave
ID Journal Entry
10South of Tel Aruhn, I encountered an Argonian in the wilderness. He seemed frightened and looked to be in bad shape.
20It turns out the Argonian, Reeh-Ja, is an escaped slave from the market in Tel Aruhn. He's been on the run for a number of days, and fears for his life, for good reason. He tells me that he wants to get to the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart; he believes that they can help him.
30I have decided to try to escort this runaway to the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart. To leave him out here would certainly mean his death.
  • Quest accepted
35The stupid slave has chosen the wrong person in whom to confide. There will certainly be a reward from the slave trader in Tel Aruhn for this one's return. Reeh-Ja fears me, and will follow without question. My only concern is that he will flee if I am forced into battle.
  • Quest accepted
36I've decided to leave the slave to find his own way home. I don't wish to become a part of this battle.
  • Quest failed
90Reeh-Ja is dead. It seems his dreams of freedom have come true, but not how he expected.
  • Quest failed
97I have arrived at the Argonian Mission with Reeh-Jah.
100Though it was a long journey, I was able to deliver Reeh-Jah to Im-Kilaya at the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart. Im-Kilaya was grateful, and rewarded me for my efforts.
  • Quest complete
103I've arrived at the Tel Aruhn slave market with Reeh-Jah.
105I was able to bring the slave Reeh-Ja to Tel Aruhn, and turn him over to Savile Imayn, the slave trader. As I expected, she was happy to get one of her slaves back--not only is it her merchandise, but it serves to tell the others that there is no true chance of escape. And, as I assumed, there was a reward for the fool.
  • Quest complete
120I've brought news of Reeh-Ja's death to Savile Imayn. His death pleased her, as it serves as an example to the others. Escape equals death.
  • Quest complete
130I spoke with Im-Kilaya at the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart. He was saddened at the death of Reeh-Ja, but was happy to hear he died a free man. He gave me thanks and hoped I would continue to help slaves to their freedom.
  • Quest complete
140I attempted to speak with Im-Kilaya at the Argonian Mission in Ebonheart. He had heard about me bringing the slave back to Tel Aruhn. I am not welcome in the Mission.


  • If the Nerevarine tries to speak with Im-Kilaya about Reeh-Ja after successfully bringing him back to the slave market, their reputation with the Twin Lamps will drop an additional 5 points, and their disposition towards him will decrease by 10 points.
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