The Scholar and the Mating Kagouti is a miscellaneous quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It starts when the Nerevarine agrees to help a Bosmer traveler, Thoronor, to find his lost friend.


Near the Fields of Kummu, the Bosmer scholar Thoronor can be encountered alone on the road. If spoken to, he asks the Nerevarine to look for his friend Edras Oril. It seems that Edras, who is an amateur naturalist, has wandered off to investigate strange animal sounds. Thoronor hasn't seen him since and fears for Edras' life.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Talk to Thoronor and agree to help him
  • Find Edras Oril and talk to him
  • Kill the two Mating Kagoutis between Thoronor and Edras Oril OR cast a spell on them OR refuse to help
  • Escort Edras Oril back to Thoronor
  • Speak to Thoronor for the reward

Detailed walkthroughEdit

When the Nerevarine talks to Thoronor on the road near the Fields of Kummu, he asks them to find his friend Edras Oril. The player can also go direclty to Edras without having spoken with Thoronor beforehand. He can be found not far east of the place where Thoronor stands. He hides from the group of Mating Kagouti he was observing and that is behaving aggressively.

If the Nerevarine talks to him, he will refuse to follow them back to Thoronor because he is afraid the kagouti will attack him again. The Nerevarine must either kill them or cast a spell of invisibility or chameleon on Edras. If the player has refused to help Edras, the quest can still be completed as long as a spell of invisibility is cast on Edras. Of course it is likely that the Nerevarine has already encountered the animals and killed them. On the way, he might also have found Edras Oril's notes about his observations, the book Kagouti Mating Habits.

When the kagouti are neutralized, Edras Oril will follow the Nerevarine back to Thoronor. Thoronor will reward the Nerevarine with an enchanted amulet. If Edras has been killed, Thoronor will give the player a book instead.


Thoronor will present the Nerevarine with an Amulet of Slowfalling as a reward. In the case that Edras does not survive, the player is awarded with a copy of 2920, vol 05 - Second Seed.


The Scholars and the Mating Kagouti
IDJournal Entry
10I met a Bosmer pilgrim named Thoronor, who was on his way to Vivec. Apparently, he and his travelling companion, Edras Oril, were separated along the way. He would like my help in finding his friend.
15I met a dark elf named Edras Oril, hiding among some trees. It seems he was trapped there by some kagouti when he and his friend were separated.
20I have agreed to help Thoronor in his search for Edras Oril. Apparently, Oril wandered away to investigate some strange animals sounds he heard, and he hasn't been seen since. Perhaps whatever made those sounds was more than he could handle on his own.
  • Quest accepted
21I've decided that Thoronor will be able to find Edras Oril on his own. I have more pressing business.
  • Quest failed
24Edras Oril would like me to help him get back to his friend, Thoronor. He won't budge if there's a chance the kagouti can still get him, though.
  • Quest accepted
25I've agreed to help Edras Oril find his friend, Thoronor. To do so, I'll have to get rid of the nearby kagouti that Edras fears (and seems so fascinated with).
26Edras Oril can find his own way back to his friend. I have no time to try and babysit a couple of wayward scholars.
  • Quest failed
27Although I told Edras Oril I would not help him, I have cast a spell to make him invisible.
28I've agreed to escort Edras back to his friend, Thoronor.
29I've told Edras Oril again that although I cast a spell on him, I will not lead him back to his friend.
  • Quest failed
30I found Edras Oril not far from his friend. A small group of Kagouti had gotten between him and his way back to Thoronor. Good thing I found him, or he might have been trapped out here for a much longer time.
40Edras Oril refuses to move from his hiding place with the kagouti still on the prowl.
43In order to sneak Edras Oril by the kagouti, I've given him a potion that should make him unnoticeable to the kagouti. Hopefully, we'll be able to sneak by without attracting too much attention.
45In order to sneak Edras Oril by the kagouti, I've cast a spell on him that should make him unnoticeable to the kagouti. Hopefully, we'll be able to sneak by without attracting too much attention.
48I've spoken to Edras Oril, and he's agreed to follow me back to his friend, now that the kagouti are dead. Seems that he's completetly terrified of them, though he seems to enjoy speaking at great length about the various noises they make.
90I've been able to escort Edras Oril back to where I found Thoronor.
100I was able to reunite Edras Oril and Thoronor. Hopefully, these two pilgrims will be able to continue on their journey now. Hopefully, they'll stick together from now on. They've given me an amulet for my troubles that they say is enchanted.
  • Quest completed
110Unfortunately, Edras Oril has been killed. His book on the habits of kagouti will never get published. Kagouti scholars in all of Tamriel will surely mourn his passing.
  • Quest failed
115I've told Edras Oril that his friend Thoronor is dead.
  • Quest failed


  • Neither Thoronor nor Edras Oril will assist the Nerevarine in the fight with the mating kagoutis.
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