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"There's fine steel at The Scorched Hammer, if you fancy a new blade."
―Riften Guard

The Scorched Hammer is a blacksmith shop located in Riften.


The blacksmith shop is adjacent to the Riften Marketplace. The resident smith, Balimund, has set up his forge and workshop outside the building under a covered overhang.

Inside, the house is modest. At the back of the dwelling are two bedrooms, one with a safe and the other some weapons. The cellar has a large number of ingots, other ingredients for crafting, and a Strong Box, which all become available without stealing but by solving the quest "Stoking the Flames" for Balimund. Asbjorn Fire-Tamer can also be found inside.


Notable items[]


  • If Balimund dies, his adopted son and apprentice, Asbjorn Fire-Tamer, will take over and run the forge. If both are killed, the smithy remains vacant.


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  •  PC   360   PS3   A few thieves may be found inside the shop. The thieves will be running around as if to escape being discovered.