The Shifting Sands of Fate is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Enter the Grandeya's Palace
  2. Confront Sadas Secundus
  3. Defeat Sadas Secundus
  4. Defeat the Traitor Maradem
  5. Leave Grandeya Nuwarrah's Palace
  6. Talk to Ufa the Red Asp
  7. Wait for Grandeya Nuwarrah
  8. Talk to Grandeya Nuwarrah


Talking to Ufa the Red Asp in front of the Palace, the Vestige is tasked with killing Sadas Secundus, the Imperial in charge of the invading force in Hallin's Stand.

Upon entering the palace, Safas Secundus will be waiting for the Vestige, where she will have a short conversation with them, and inform them that she is not planning on letting them leave alive, following which the Vestige faints.

Upon regaining their senses, the Vestige will spot Maradem, who has entered the palace. The Vestige will have to kill him before they can continue and kill Sadas.

Upon killing Sadas, the Vestige has to leave the palace and make his way to Ufa the Red Asp. Ufa makes clear that the Legion forces in Hallin's Stand were overwhelmed by his men, with only a few of them remaining. He will thank the Vestige, following which the Grandeya will approach and give a speech.

The Grandeya will be happy with the success of the Vestige, and call them a savior. She will state that Hallin's Stand will rebuild in time, and that this chance has been given to them by the Vestige. She will reward the Vestige with the Staff of Secundus.




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