The Shipwreck Prelude is a House Hlaalu quest concerning the wreckage of the ship Prelude in the Azura's Coast region of Vvardenfell, available to the Nerevarine if they join House Hlaalu during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Edryno Arethi.
  2. Find the Prelude Shipwreck in the Azura's Coast region.
  3. Return to Arethi.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Having successfully concluded the negotiations with the Zainab Camp, the Nerevarine may return to Edryno Arethi within the Hlaalu Canton (the reserved section for Hlaalu members in Vivec City). Arethi will inform the Nerevarine that a shipwreck, Prelude, in the Azura's Coast region holds an artifact of great value, a Daedric Wakizashi. The Nerevarine must obtain the blade from the wreckage on behalf of House Hlaalu.

Looting the wreck[edit | edit source]

The Prelude Shipwreck is located due east of Bal Fell, near the third island (easily identifiable due to the number of the rocks upon it). Searching through the remains of the Prelude, the Nerevarine will find a locked chest (of random lock level) inside the lower level of the Prelude. This chest contains the Wakizashi Arethi wanted, hence the Nerevarine must open the chest and take the sword. 

With Wakizashi in hand, the Nerevarine may return to Arethi, whom will reward the Nerevarine with 500 Gold for their work.

Journal[edit | edit source]

The Shipwreck Prelude – HH_SunkenTreasure
ID Journal Entry
10 Edryno Arethi knows that the ship Prelude sunk east of Bal Fell. She believes it lies two or three islands due east of Bal Fell. I must find the Daedric Wakizashi that sunk with that ship and return it to Edryno Arethi.
  • Quest accepted
100 Edryno Arethi thanked me for returning the Daedric Wakizashi.
  • Quest complete

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Only the Wakizashi found aboard the Prelude can be given to Arethi to complete the quest.
    • Once Arethi is in possession of the Wakizashi, it can be pickpocketed or looted from her.
  • Once inside the lower lever (ship's cabin), the door will obtain a 40pt lock.
  • The Prelude also holds a variety of loot, which the Nerevarine is free to take.
  • It is illegal to rest on the Prelude.

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