After the Hero of Kvatch has completed their Pilgrimage, they will receive a vision from Pelinal Whitestrake above the Imperial City. He will explain why he failed and how Umaril made a deal with Meridia and when his body was struck down his spirit was protected in Oblivion.

Background[edit | edit source]

The only way to kill Umaril once and for all is to also kill his spirit, and the only way to do this is by finding the Relics of the Crusader and restoring the Knights of the Nine. Pelinal will point the Hero to the submerged Ayleid Ruin of Vanua to find his shrine and reclaim the Helm of the Crusader.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Travel to the location marked on the map. The entrance to Vanua is found underwater southeast of the Imperial City and south of Memorial Cave once inside the Hero will find a long narrow hall heading into the ruin's main chamber. The paths through Vanua are lightly guarded by leveled undead.

When reaching the end of the first room, after fighting both skeletons and liches, look for a button on the left side on the wall to open the wall to the next room. Follow the path fighting the undead until reaching the main chamber.

Sir Amiel

The helm can first be seen in the main chamber on an above ledge, a small shrine has been made around it and can not be reached from the lower level. The body of Sir Amiel is also found here, with a Fine Steel Longsword and a Knights of the Nine Shield.

Inspecting the body will uncover Sir Amiel's Journal and his Ring. The Journal will explain how Sir Amiel was the last of the knights and how he set out to recover the helm. The journal will also reveal the location of the Priory of the Nine in the West Weald.

The Helm of the crusader

From this point the Hero can make their way up to the helm and reclaim it. Behind Amiel's body there is a door that leads up to the helm, through some corridors and small rooms. One can see that someone has hacked holes in the walls to be able to proceed further into the ruin.

An alternative, if the Hero has high Acrobatics they can use the broken pillar and jump up to the shrine. Before leaving the ruin, remember to pick up several Welkynd Stones located in the small side chambers in the first room.

Either way, once the helm has been recovered the quest will be completed and the Hero can make their way to the Priory.

Journal[edit | edit source]

The Shrine of the Crusader – ND01
ID Journal Entry
5 Upon completing my pilgrimage to the wayshrines, I received a vision from the Divine Crusader, Pelinal Whitestrake. He revealed the location of his lost shrine, which is where I should begin my quest for the Relics of the Crusader.
  • Quest accepted
20 According to Sir Amiel's journal, the Helm of the Crusader is located in Pelinal's shrine.
50 I've recovered the Helm of the Crusader, the first piece of the Crusader's Relics.
  • Quest complete

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