The Shrine of the Dead is one of the quests in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal, after "The Goblin Army." The Nerevarine is tasked with cleansing the long neglected Shrine of the Dead underneath Morrowind's capital of Mournhold.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Converse with Lord Archcanon Gavas Drin.
  • Agree to cleanse the Shrine of the Dead, underneath the city of Mournhold.
  • Follow Drin's directions to the Shrine.
  • Defeat the Profane Acolytes guarding the tainted Shrine.
  • Find Urvel Dulni in the Temple.
  • Escort Dulni to the Shrine.
  • Protect Dulni while he completes the cleansing ritual.
  • Return to Drin to complete the quest.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After defeating the Goblin Army, Fedris Hler will direct the Nerevarine to the Lord Archcanon in the temple, Gavas Drin. Gavas will reveal that in order to continue "serving our Lady" the Hero must venture once more into the sewers under Mournhold. Drin tasks the Nerevarine with protecting Urvel Dulni while he cleanses the Shrine of the Dead, an ancient shrine which was neglected and now is overrun by leveled undead and Profane Acolytes, instisting further that no harm must come to Urvel. Drin will, then give the Nerevarine directions to the Shrine.

Find the shrine[edit | edit source]

Note: It is possible to clear out the sewers, the shrine and it's tunnels before asking Urvel Dulni to follow and cleanse the shrine.

As instructed by Drin, the Hero will go through the basement of the Temple, before entering the Temple Sewers through a trapdoor. There, they must go through the East Sewer, then the Temple Gardens, there they will have to find the entrance to the Shrine.

Cleansing the shrine[edit | edit source]

The shrine entrance

Within the Shrine area, the Nerevarine will be confronted to a number of Profane Acolytes guarding the shrine. The room is bathed in a red light emanating from the Shrine. Once all of the Acolytes have been defeated, the Nerevarine may return to Dulni to escort him to the Shrine, if they left him behind. Upon Dulni's arrival at the shrine, he will perform the ritual to cleanse the Shrine.

(Optional) After he will ask the Nerevarine to escort him back to the temple.

With the Shrine cleansed and Dulni returned safely, the Nerevarine may speak with Drin to complete the quest. if they returned with Dulni, Drin will reward the Nerevarine with a Blessed Spear, and inform them to go to Hler, this will complete the quest.

Journal[edit | edit source]

The Shrine of the Dead - TR_ShrineDead
ID Journal Entry
10 Fedris Hler, apparently pleased with my efforts involving the goblin army, has another task for me. He has instructed me to speak with Gavas Drin, Almalexia's head priest.
  • Quest accepted
20 I've met with Gavas Drin, who would like me to perform a task for Almalexia. Deep in the ruins beneath the Temple is a shrine that has been untouched for many years. Apparently, the shrine has soured, and the entire area overrun by the undead.
30 It is Almelexia's belief that the Shrine of the Dead can be reclaimed, and its power used for the good of Mournhold. Although traditional Temple doctrine disavows ancestor worship, the Lady believes that it has its place, and that the power to be gained from the ancestors is great.
40 Drin asks that I escort one of Almalexia's young curates, Urvel Dulni, to this shrine to cleanse it and restore its power. I will first have to rid the area of all of the Profane, powerful liches who draw strength from the power of the Shrine of the Dead. When they are destroyed, Dulni will cleanse the shrine. I should enter the sewers from the Temple basement. Once there, I will need to head east through the old Temple Gardens, then south to find the Shrine of the Dead.
50 I have killed the last of the Profane, the liches guarding the Shrine of the Dead.
60 Urvel Dulni has succeeded in cleansing the shrine.
70 Urvel Dulni has died.
100 Gavas Drin was pleased, and a bit surprised, at the news we were able to restore the shrine. He has presented me with a Blessed Spear, a gift from the Lady Almalexia.
  • Quest complete
110 Gavas Drin was disturbed that Urvel Dulni died on our journey, before the shrine could be cleansed.
  • Quest complete
115 Gavas Drin was unhappy that Urvel Dulni was killed, but seemed a bit consoled in the fact that the Shrine had been cleansed. He gave me some gold as reward for my efforts.
116 Gavas Drin was unhappy that Urvel Dulni was killed, and the Shrine of the Dead will never be cleansed.
200 I have been told that I will be granted an audience with the goddess Almalexia.
  • Quest complete

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Profane Acolytes will regenerate in a few days after they have been killed.
    • The Acolytes will most commonly summon Greater Bonewalkers during battle.
    • If he is killed after cleansing the Shrine, the Nerevarine will receive 5,000Gold as a reward instead of the Spear.
    • Urvel may stop following the Nerevarine after they kill an undead while escorting him, speaking with him will cause him to continue following the Nerevarine.

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