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The Siege of Ald Marak is a book in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset.




By Siege-Master Germia Demetrius

During The Reman Dynasty's wars of expansion, the Imperial Legion mounted countless sieges on fortresses both great and small. In most cases, merciless bombardment prompted a swift surrender. The Imperials' mastery of digging and siege works combined with the Akaviri's fire wizardry and alchemical prowess seemed unstoppable. Even so, some foes fancied themselves the Empire's equals. The false-god of the Dark Elves, Vivec the Liar, was such a foe.

Over the course of several months, Reman II's legions drove the Dark Elves back deep into their own territory. At length, the Elves dug in at the venerable fortress of Ald Marak. It was an imposing fortress to be sure, with high, sturdy walls, and deep-water approaches that made assaults on foot nearly impossible.

The sons and daughters of the Tribunal faith consolidated their forces behind those walls, content to wait for their god's arrival. But Vivec did not arrive. On the advice of a foolish spy, he took a defensive position elsewhere, in the shadow of Ald Iuval. Too far away to intervene when the dark hour came.

The Imperials knew well the power of faith and fanaticism. Engaging the armies of Morrowind with their god at their back was a fool's gambit. Rather than settle in for a protracted siege, the Imperials concocted a bold plan. Under cover of nightfall, their mystics weaved great spells of water-breathing. Thus ensorcelled, the heavily armored legion marched into Lake Coronati. At length, they emerged from the water like vengeful ghosts, thundered through the lightly guarded gates, and burned the fort like a bundle of dry kindling.

So you see, creativity and daring can win a siege as surely as any ram or trebuchet. Develop a fox's cunning, soldier. It will serve you well.


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