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The Silvenar, also known as The Voice of the People,[1] is the closest thing the Bosmeri have to a great leader.[2] He represents the immortal aspect of the Bosmeri spirit[3] and resides in the Silvenar Palace.[2]


There have been several Silvenar throughout history,[2] and they should not be confused with conventional nobility, as they are considered the mind of the common people and affected by their plight.[1] One can petition to the Silvenar for special border protection and impunity.[2]

The Silvenar of 3E 397 was an average, blandly handsome, slightly tired-looking, extraordinary Wood Elf, the type one might see in any capital in the Empire. The only eccentricity in his appearance was that he was very short. His voice was common and unrefined, and he could be spoken to with no formal greetings or deference.[1]

Known SilvenarsEdit

There have been many Silvenars throughout history, though only the following are known to have ruled:


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