The Silvermoon is an unmarked location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Just south of the Lady Stone, a mast is sticking up from beneath the waters of Lake Ilinalta. After further investigation, an old trading vessel, The Silvermoon, is revealed. It has been sitting on the bottom of the lake for as long as the residents of Riverwood can remember. When the wreck is searched, most things seem to have been taken by the seabed except a chest on the middle deck, and in the Captain's cabin, his skeleton can be found floating by the roof and his weapon on the top floor.

Notable itemsEdit

Although the waterbreathing ability will make searching the wreck much easier, it is fully possible to obtain all of the available loot and reagents simply by making repeated dives.


  • The relative size of the vessel and the lake may imply the lake was much larger once.
  • No information about this vessel is available in-game. Its name, purpose, and approximate age are all given in the official strategy guide.
  • You can see the rear section of this vessel by viewing the map and zooming in to the closest distance. It appears as a darkened area of the lake.


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