The Skaal Test of Loyalty is the fifth quest in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Note: For a detailed walkhrough of the six rituals, see their related pages.
  • Return to Tharsten in the Great Hall.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Restoring Solstheim[edit | edit source]

After completing "The Disappearance of Captain Carius," the Nerevarine will be told by Tharsten Heart-Fang to go and see Korst Wind-Eye in the shaman's hut. After asking about the rituals Tharsten spoke about, he'll give the Nerevarine a copy of The Story of Aevar Stone-Singer and a map showing the locations of all six stones.

The six stones[edit | edit source]

The map to the six stones

Note: All the rituals are separate quests and can be completed in any order. These are the quests which must be completed in order to complete this quest:

Back to the village[edit | edit source]

Once all six quests have been completed, the Nerevarine receives a journal entry indicating it is time to return to Tharsten Heart-Fang. The Hero will be rewarded with the Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer.

Journal[edit | edit source]

The Skaal Test of Loyalty – BM_Stones
ID Journal Entry
10 Tharsten Heart-Fang seemed pleased with my gift of the Skaal skull, and was willing to allow me to remain with the Skaal for a time.
  • Quest accepted
20 Heart-Fang is clearly angry with the Imperials' presence on the island. He believes that they have no respect for the land or the creatures on it. He also believes that they are responsible for the dwindling power of the Skaal's powerful nature magic. He spoke of how the Imperials have disrupted the Oneness of the land, the balance that lies in all living things.
30 Heart-Fang tells me that I will need to atone for the mistakes of the Imperials. He wishes for me to perform a ceremony to restore the Skaal's original power. I should speak with Korst Wind-Eye to learn more about this. Wind-Eye is in the Shaman's Hut.
40 Wind-Eye tells me that there are six Standing Stones on the island of Solstheim, each representing one of the six gifts of the All-Maker. In order for me to perform the ceremony that Heart-Fang wishes, I will need to visit each of these stones and perform a ritual.
50 Wind-Eye has given me a scroll that shows the location of each of the Standing Stones, as well as a book that gives the history of the Skaal's beliefs. I should investigate these Stones if I am to restore the power of the Skaal.
60 I have completed the Gift of Water ritual.
62 I have completed the Gift of Earth ritual.
64 I have completed the Gift of Trees ritual.
66 I have completed the Gift of Beasts ritual.
68 I have completed the Gift of the Sun ritual.
70 I have completed the Gift of Winds ritual.
80 I have completed all the six rituals necessary, and should return to Heart-Fang.
100 Heart-Fang was pleased with my efforts in performing the six rituals. He has rewarded me with the Mace of Aevar Stonesinger, a prized Skaal weapon. Heart-Fang was reluctant to give me the weapon, as I am still an outsider to him. Still, tradition dictates that I be given the magnificent mace.
  • Quest complete

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