"You are brave or foolish to enter this place. But I sense a bit of wisdom in you...perhaps. I might kill you where you stand, were you to try and keep me from my task, but there are more dangerous things in these caves then this poor soul."
Draugr Lord Aesliip[src]

The Skaal Test of Strength is the seventh quest in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.



After completing the test of wisdom, Tharsten Heart-Fang sends the Nerevarine to Lake Fjalding to speak to the village's shaman, Korst Wind-Eye, so they may complete the test of strength. Korst is on the north-eastern shore of the lake.

Once Korst has been found, he will explain that strange flames are surging from the frozen lake. He believes they are created by the Draugr Lord Aesliip, although he also expresses doubts.

The caves of FjaldingEdit

Korst sends the Nerevarine to the bottom of the lake, where they will find the entrance to the Caves of Fjalding, under the strange flames. Inside, a large maze-like frozen cavern made of long intertwining tunnels, infested with hostile draugr awaiting the Hero.

Lord AesliipEdit


Draugr Lord Aesliip

Delving deeper in the cavern, the Nerevarine reaches Aesliip's Lair. There a unique friendly draugr introduces themselves to the Hero. The draugr lord, recounts his story. He once was a Skaal. He goes on to explains that a long time ago, a powerful group of Frost Atronachs were plotting to take over Solstheim. He then used his knowledge of the "Black Arts" to imprison them in these caves. Although he knew that some day he would die, and the Daedra would be freed, so he used his knowledge of Necromancy to make himself immortal, and became an undead. Aesliip then asks the Nerevarine to help him defeat all the frost Atronachs.

The Nerevarine is confronted to a choice they must make: Helping Aesliip; or honorably follow what Korst requested: defeat Aesliip. If he is defeated, his ring can be taken from his corpse.

Defeating the dire frost atronachsEdit

Note: The challenge here, is for Aesliip to survive (although this has no consequence on the quest's outcome). The use of a restoration spell such as Heal Companion on Aesliip may be recommended between battles.

If the Nerevarine accepts to help Aesliip, the magical barrier will disappear, and the entrance to Aesliip's Lair, Caverns is revealled. Inside many Dire Frost Atronachs are roaming the frozen tunnels, they often use destruction spells and they protect themselves with reflect, which will make the confrontations relatively difficult at lower levels. Once all the frost atronachs have been defeated, Lord Aesliip will offer his enchanted ring, and says that he may now rest.

Return to KorstEdit

The Nerevarine must return to Korst, who is waiting near the lake's north-eastern shore to complete the quest. Korst will tell the Nerevarine to meet in a few days back at the Skaal village


The Skaal Test of Strength – BM_Draugr
ID Journal Entry
10Having completed a test of wisdom for Tharsten Heart-Fang of the Skaal, I am now to complete a third test--a test of strength.
  • Quest accepted
20Heart-Fang would like me to travel to Lake Fjalding and speak with Korst Wind-Eye. Wind-Eye will tell me more about what I am required to do. I should be able to find him on the northern shore of the lake.
30I have found Wind-Eye by the shores of Lake Fjalding. Coming from the center of the lake is a gout of fire, rising through the ice high into the sky.
40Wind-Eye tells me that Heart-Fang believes that this flame is being created by the Draugr Lord Aesliip, a powerful creature who lives in the caves beneath the ice. Wind-Eye is not certain that this is the case, but would not speak more about it.
50I am to enter Lake Fjalding and search out the ice caves below. Once there, I should find Aesliip, a powerful Draugr Lord, and kill him.
60I have found the Draugr Lord Aesliip, and spoken to him. He tells me that he was once a powerful mage of the Skaal people, exiled for his research into the necromantic arts.
62Aesliip tells me that through his necromancy he learned of a powerful group of Frost Daedra that were planning to take the island of Solstheim for their own. The Skaal would not listen to his warnings, as he was dead to them. Through his magic, Aesliip was able to keep the Frost Daedra at bay.
65Knowing that eventually his life would end, and the Daedra would escape, Aesliip performed the rituals necessary to make himself one of the undead, and continue to keep the Frost Daedra imprisoned.
67Aesliip believes that together we might defeat the Daedra. He has asked for my help.
70I have agreed to fight with Aesliip.
75I am honor-bound to slaughter Aesliip, and cannot fight with him.
80Aesliip and I have defeated the last of the Frost Daedra.
85When the last of the Daedra fell, Aesliip realized that his task was finally complete, and he was relieved of his undead state. Before he died, he gave me a magical ring.
90Aesliip is dead.
100I have returned to Wind-Eye and told him what transpired in the ice caves below Lake Fjalding. He suggests I return to the Skaal village, and he will meet me there later.
  • Quest complete

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