The Sower Reaps is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Arcady Charnis believes someone ordered men to plant dreugh eggs in the Dreughside neigborhood [sic] [Do not change this to neighborhood. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] to cause the dreugh to attack.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Search Body
  2. Read the Note
  3. Confront Baron Sorick
    1. Decide Baron Sorick's Fate
      1. Keep it between them
      2. Expose plan
      3. Intimidate: Get those eggs out or I'll kill you
  4. Catch Baron Sorick
    1. Let the mob handle the Baron or
    2. Turn him in
  5. Talk to Constable Charlic
  6. Complete the quest


Arcady suspects someone who is behind this but he isn't sure who yet. He mentions a dead man in the stream not far from him, he might have some clues on him. The Vestige will find a note the corpse when searching it, that will lead them to the Barracks House in Dreughside.

Entering the Barracks house and after heading upstairs and finding another note, this time a letter with orders from Baron Sorick, it's time to confront the Baron as the orders clearly implicate he is involved. He'll be on the top floor of Arbogasque's house.

The baron is waiting and thinks the Vestige is someone who has come to complain about the dreugh. After telling him about the note there are three options for the Vestige. Getting the Baron to bribe, expose him or kill him. This walkthrough is for exposing him. After threatening to expose him, the Baron fled outside but when they come outside the building, the Baron is lying on the ground, wounded with the locals and a constable watching over him. He complains that one of them broke his leg. Another decision has to be made, let the mob take over or turn him in.

After the Vestige decided what to do, in this case turn him in, they must talk to Constable Charlic and explain the situation. He rewards them with the Baron Sorick's Pauldrons and some GoldIcon.



  • This is one of the three quests appearing in Dreughside.
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