The Summoner Division is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Quick walkthroughEdit

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After completing "The Sorcerer Division," Feluni sends the Vestige to Tholbor, the Summoner trainer. In the arena, the first challenger is Jawsnap, an ogre. He's slow so keeping distance is easy. After defeating him Jeelus introduces Serit the Sensational, an Altmer mage who summons beasts and uses a bow. After defeating her, the Vestige must defeat Doradrin the Dark, another summoner who summons ghosts and uses other illusion spells.

Once defeating all three, go outside again and speak to Tholbor. He will send the Vestige back to Thizzrini Arena. Inside, they will first fight a giant named Wallbreaker. The floor traps do not work in this round, but being a giant, he is slow and easy to get around. Defeating him brings Thalbor himself into the arena. He is an illusionist and casts various spells from afar. He generally stays in one place and won't move even if you cast something around him, so in-place damage over time attacks kill him quickly.

Ending this quest will take the Vestige on to challenge Ishalga, the Grand Champion.