For the weapon, see Sword of the Crusader.

The Sword of the Crusader is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine. After collecting all the other Crusader relics: the Boots, Gauntlets, Helm, Cuirass, Shield, and the Mace, the Hero returns to the Priory of the Nine.


At the priory Lathon has explained that his master, Sir Roderic had recovered the Greaves before he died but not the Sword of the Crusader. After giving the Greaves to the Hero he requests to be Knighted so that he may follow them into Underpall Cave and avenge Sir Roderic and recover the Sword.


The Sword of the Crusader (Quest) ArrivingCave

Arriving at the cave

In the Underpall Cave, follow the map marker and enter the Underpall Keep. The enemies inside are leveled undead. Beware of a big falling rock trap just behind a double door, at the bottom of a staircase on the way.

Just before the grand chamber they will find Sir Roderic's body. Prepare to attack Sir Berich's Wraith inside the chamber which is wielding the Sword. The wraith will glow bright white in the middle of the room. Its weakness appears to be fire, so a Fire-elemental Destruction spell will do fine. Try to kill it before it summons many other ghosts, and do not forget to take the Sword of the Crusader that falls to the ground.

Remember, do not equip the Sword yet, since it is cursed and needs to be taken to the chapel of Arkay in Cheydinhal before it can be wielded safely. Sir Berich's Curse will stunt their magicka, lower their fatigue, and give a 100 percent weakness fire, frost, and shock.

The Sword of the Crusader (Quest) At the Chapel

At the chapel in Cheydinhal

Go to the chapel in Cheydinhal in order to finish this part of the quest. There will be several Aurorans waiting to attack, in the process of desecrating the chapel. Kill them, then consecrate the sword on the central altar. The sword can be freely equipped from that point.

Now that the Hero has all of the relics, they are ready for the fight with Umaril the Unfeathered, but they must first return to the Priory.

Journal entriesEdit

Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon arrival at Underpall Cave:

I have arrived at Underpall Cave, the location of Lord Vlindrel's grave. Sir Roderic died somewhere inside, battling the foul wraith that now wields the Sword of the Crusader.

  • Update: After defeating the wraith of Lord Vlindrel:

The wraith of Lord Vlindrel is destroyed. I need to reclaim the Sword of the Crusader that he somehow twisted to his evil purpose.

  • Update: Upon attempting to wield the Sword of the Crusader:

In attempting to use the defiled Sword of the Crusader, I have received a terrible curse. I can only hope that this curse will be lifted when I reconsecrate the Sword at the Chapel of Arkay in Cheydinhal.

  • Update: After defeating Umaril's Aurorans at the chapel:

Umaril's Aurorans have been destroyed. Cheydinhal Chapel is safe, for now. I can reconsecrate the Sword of the Crusader to Arkay on the high alter.

  • Update: After activating the altar:

The Sword of the Crusader has been reconsecrated. I now possess all eight of the Crusader's Relics. I should return to the Priory to consult with my knights about how to attack and destroy Umaril.

  • Quest complete


  • If Lathon is Knighted, he will follow the Hero to Underpall Cave and, dependent on the level, either help or get killed quickly. He can be told to wait outside.
  • If Lathon is not Knighted, he will remain at the Priory, leaving the Hero free to recover the Sword by themselves. They will be able to Knight him when returning, before proceeding with the storyline.

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