The Tempest Unleashed is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Maormer are attacking Cat's Eye Quay.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Commander Karinith
  2. Direct Survivors to Safety.
  3. Talk to Sergeant Firion
  4. Enter Cat's Eye Quay
  5. Find signs of the Maormer plan
  6. Enter the Wind Tunnels
  7. Talk to Ealcil
  8. Use Ealcil's lodestone
  9. Drain Storm Totems
  10. Talk to Ealcil's psijic projection
  11. Disrupt the four Horns
  12. Escape the ritual site
  13. Talk to Razum-dar

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Vestige is found by Zaeri, who tells them that Mistral is under attack by Sea Vipers and needs them to talk to Commander Karinith. She will tell them to get the survivors from the attacks out of the market and ready to defend.

Berantin, a survivor, tells how serpents came out of the water and killed his neighbors. He will refuse to go inside, as he would rather fight. He directs the Vestige toward Sergeant Firion. Calpion will tell about how he was attacked as well, and also tells about Firion.

The Vestige talks to Sergeant Firion, and she gives the option of going with them or taking the wizard, who is either Gathwen or Rurelion, depending on who was chosen to live in "Tears of the Two Moons". They chose who goes with them into Cat's Eye Quay.

The Vestige must fight through the Sea Vipers located there. The first come across a tavern. Edhelas and Onglorn are located inside, and will tell the Vestige to find Nistel. She is found in a house further down the beach dead. They finally come across a mine, where Mazar is located. He will tell that Ealcil went into the caves, and tells them of a secret entrance into them.

Ealcil will describe that the Sea Vipers are using the Storm Totems to perform a blood sacrifice. He gives the Vestige Ealcil's Lodestone, which they must use to

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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