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The Thief is a miscellaneous quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. It is about the Dunmer woman Golena Sadri, who seems to be going mad. Alvan Llarys and Tadera Andules, two friends of Golena Sadri, ask the Nerevarine to find out what is happening to her.


Inside Sadri Manor, both Alvan Llarys and Tadera Andules show themselves concerned about the mental condition of their friend Golena Sadri and urge the Nerevarine to find out more. When spoken to directly, Golena Sadri will shout disconnected and incomprehensibly phrases, thus starting the quest. After that, when the Nerevarine talks to Alvan Llarys, he will state that she has been in this condition for months now, and that any attempt to discuss it with her as ended badly. They even feel it is necessary to bring a High Ordinator with them for security, whenever they visit their mutual friend.


  • Talk to Golena Sadri.
  • Talk to Alvan Llarys.
  • Talk to Elbert Nermarc.
  • Return to Alvan Llarys to find out that he has been locked out.


When returning to Alvan Llarys after speaking to Golena Sadri, he remembers that Golena has visited Elbert Nermarc lately. Alvan thinks this Elbert might know something about Golena's condition. He says he would ask him himself, but he feels he should stay back and try to comfort Golena Sadri.

Elbert Nermarc can be found at the Craftsmen's Hall in Godsreach. When spoken to about "Golena Sadri", he reacts scared that he might be urged to talk to her. He then tells the Nerevarine an intriguing story about her: She seems to have visited him regularly for some time, always asking him details about enchanting certain objects. One day she asked him to come to her manor and help her with something. Elbert claims that she had a number of strange devices there, of a sort he has never seen before, possibly of Dwemer origin. Upon examining one of them, it shocked him. Elbert claims that in that instance, Golena turned mad, laughing maniacally, then chasing him from the manor accusing him of attempted theft and being a spy. He hasn't seen her since.

When returning the Nerevarine encounters Alvan Llarys outside Sadri Manor. In panic he tells them that he had just stepped out for a bit of fresh air, when the door was locked behind him and he heard screams from within. It seems clear that they must enter the manor as fast as possible.

The door is locked on level 90. The Nerevarine can either attempt to pick the lock or use a Scroll of Ekash's Lock Splitter, which can be bought from Elbert Nermarc. Once inside, the Nerevarine finds nobody but for the guard, who lies dead on the floor. There is a trapdoor leading into the Residential Sewers beneath the manor. The dead body of Tadera Andules lies down here.



The Thief – MS_Thief
ID Journal Entry
10I have met Golena Sadri. When I spoke to her, she accused me of wanting to steal from her, and said I'll never get my hands on it. I have no idea what "it" is.
  • Quest accepted
20Alvan Llarys suggested I speak with Elbert Nermarc and see if he can shed any light on Golena Sadri's condition. Nermarc is apparently the only person she's confided in over the last several months.
30Elbert Nermarc told me the story of his last few encounters with Golena Sadri. She has acquired some sort of devices, possibly Dwemer in origin, that can be deadly if approached. Nermarc seemed to think she'd lost her mind.
40I met Alvan Llarys outside Sadri Manor. Someone locked him out, and he heard screaming inside. He's asked me to investigate.
50I have discovered a trap door in the lower level of Sadri Manor. Golena Sadri is nowhere to be found, and someone has murdered the guard.
60I have found the corpse of Tadera Andules, Golena Sadri's friend. She appears to have had her throat cut.
70I confronted Golena Sadri, who admitted killing both the guard and Tadera Andules.
80I have killed Golena Sadri.
90I informed Alvan Llarys of what happend to Golena Sadri. He mourned her death, but admitted that she was too far gone to save.
  • Quest complete

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