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It has been said that "citizens of the Empire who make the same mistakes as their forebears deserve to suffer the same fate." And while this may be true, it's hard to deny that the Empire's history is so long, and our forebears have made so many mistakes, it's sometimes hard to keep track.

This work is meant to serve as a concise compilation of the Empire's most recent events, in this, our current age - what we refer to as the Third Era. It is a period of time that has as yet comprised less than five hundred years. But it should at least serve as a starting point for those who wish to study our Empire's vast and varied history. And maybe, just maybe, prevent the repeat of a previous disaster.

It is also worth noting that when viewed in such a succinct structure, one truly gets a sense of just how often our great Empire has changed leadership. Indeed, it can be argued that much of the Empire's history in these past five centuries is the changing rule of that very Empire itself.

First Century

Second Century

Third Century

Fourth Century

Fifth Century


  • Oddly enough, the third century speaks of the death of Emperor Uriel IV in 3E 247, yet mentions his conquests and his invasion of the Akavir 40 years after his supposed death. It is thought this is a mistake and is in fact meant to be Uriel V, not Uriel IV.


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