The Tower Sentinels is the fourth quest of the main quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset.


The Sea Sload altered the Ritemaster's memories and forced him to steal the Heart of Transparent Law and hide it away. While he works to unlock his memories, he wants Valsirenn and I to warn the keepers of the Crystal Tower, the Sapiarchs.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Go to Alinor's Royal Palace
  2. Talk to Proxy Queen Alwinarwe
  3. Talk to the Portal Master in Lillandril
  4. Talk to Valsirenn (optional)
  5. Use the Portal Dais
  6. Talk to Sapiarch Ellimil
  7. Enter the Sapiarch's Labyrinth
  8. Talk to Valsirenn
  9. Navigate the Labyrinth
  10. Find Sapiarch Larnatille
  11. Talk to Sapiarch Larnatille
    • Talk to Valsirenn
    • Talk to Earl Leythen
  12. Go to the Illumination Academy
  13. Talk to Razum-dar
  14. Find the Tower Sentinels
    • Talk to the Servant
  15. Search Hannayel's Room
  16. Find the books and then place them in the following order in Hannayel's Quiet Room (from left to right just inside the door):
    1. Podium 1: Further Notes on the Sload
    2. Podium 2: The Maormer of Pyandonea
    3. Podium 3: Sages of the Crystal Tower
    4. Podium 4: The Year 2920, Vol. 4
  17. Talk to Sapiarch Hannayel
  18. Find the King's Haven Pass Ruins
  19. Find Sapiarch Imedril
  20. Help Save Sapiarch Imedril
    • Burn Mephala's Webs
  21. Take the Dawnstar Gem
  22. Talk to Sapiarch Imedril
  23. Leave the Ruins
  24. Return to Artaeum
  25. Talk to Ritemaster Iachesis



  • Tower Sentinel Brigandine
  • 73–302 GoldIcon


Journal Entry
I need to travel to the Royal Palace in Alinor so I can secure permission from Proxy Queen Alwinarwe that will grant me access to the College of Sapiarchs in Lillandril.
  • Objective: Go to Alinor's Royal Palace
I reached the Royal Palace in Alinor. Now I need to speak to Proxy Queen Alwinarwe and gain access to the College of Sapiarchs in Lillandril.
  • Objective: Talk to Proxy Queen Alwinarwe
The Proxy Queen said she would send word to the Sapiarch portal master so that I could enter the College of Sapiarchs and warn their leader, Larnatille. I can find the portal master in Lillandril.
  • Objective: Talk to the Portal Master in Lillandril
  • Objective: (Optional): Talk to Valsirenn
The portal master has activated the portal dais to transport me to the College of Sapiarchs. I should use the portal dais to reach the college compound.
  • Objective: Use the Portal Dais
Something's happening in the College of Sapiarchs. I should talk to Sapiarch Ellimil and find out what's going on here.
  • Objective: Talk to Sapiarch Ellimil
Ellimil explained that the head of the College of Sapiarchs is trapped inside with the Daedra. He suggested I use the lower halls of the Labyrinth to enter the college compound.
  • Objective: Enter the Sapiarch's Labyrinth
Now that we're in the Sapiarchs' Labyrinth, I should confer with Valsirenn about our next move.
  • Objective: Talk to Valsirenn
I need to navigate the Labyrinth's lower halls to reach the upper levels of the College of Sapiarchs.
  • Objective: Navigate the Labyrinth
I reached the upper levels of the College of Sapiarchs. Now I need to find Sapiarch Larnatille and the other trapped sages.
  • Objective: Find Sapiarch Larnatille
Valsirenn cast a spell of binding on a Daedric cultist and seems to have the situation well in hand. I should speak to Sapiarch Larnatille and tell her what happened to the Heart of Transparent Law.
  • Objective: Talk to Sapiarch Larnatille
I should speak to Valsirenn and the captive cultist before I go look for the tower sentinels.
  • Objective: Talk to Valsirenn
  • Objective: Talk to Earl Leythen
While Valsirenn takes the imprisoned Leythen, formerly of the Psijic Order and now an earl in the Court of Bedlam, to Artaeum, I need to travel to the Illumination Academy and locate the two tower sentinels, Hannayel and Imedril.
  • Objective: Go to the Illumination Academy
Razum-dar? I wonder what he's doing at the Illumination Academy? I should talk to him and find out
  • Objective: Talk to Razum-dar
I need to find the tower sentinels somewhere here in the Illumination Academy. Raz suggested that we start our search in the Academy Guest Wing on the western side of the campus.
  • Objective: Find the Tower Sentinels
  • Objective Hint: Talk to the Servant
We reached the Academy Guest Wing. Now I should search Sapiarch Hannayel's room.
  • Objective: Search Hannayel's Room
Raz thinks that Hannayel hid a coded message in her letter to Imedril. He thinks the key to finding her hidden quiet room involves four specific books and reading podiums.
  • Objective: Find Hannayel's Quiet Room
  • Objective: (Optional): Talk to Razum-dar
  • Objective Hint: Gather Hannayel's Books
  • Objective Hint: Place Hannayel's Books
I solved the book puzzle and it revealed Sapiarch Hannayel's hiding place. I should talk to her to make sure she's all right and to find out where Sapiarch Imedril can be found.
  • Objective: Talk to Sapiarch Hannayel
Hannayel said that I can find Sapiarch Imedril in King's Haven Pass, studying the old ruins at that location. I should go there and find the second tower sentinel.
  • Objective: Find the King's Haven Pass Ruins
Now that I reached the ruins at King's Haven Pass, I need to find Sapiarch Imedril and make sure he's all right.
  • Objective: Find Sapiarch Imedril
I found Sapiarch Imedril, but he's in trouble. Something is pulling him toward that gaping portal. The Golden Knight is trying to help him. I should lend a hand.
  • Objective: Help Save Sapiarch Imedril
  • Objective Hint: Burn Mephala's Webs
Something reached out of the portal and whisked the Golden Knight away. A gem was knocked out of the hilt of his sword. Before he disappeared, the Golden Knight asked me to retrieve it.
  • Objective: Take the Dawnstar Gem
I should see how the tower sentinel is doing.
  • Objective: Talk to Sapiarch Imedril
Sapiarch Imedril succumbed to the spider poison coursing through his body. I have his Resolute Diamond and the Dawnstar Gem. Now I should leave these ruins before Mephala's servants decide to try another attack.
  • Objective: Leave the Ruins
Valsirenn appeared and asked me to return to Artaeum. Apparently, the Ritemaster has need of me. I should go to Artaeum as soon as I can.
  • Objective: Return to Artaeum
Now that I returned to Artaeum, I should head to Ceporah Tower and talk to the Ritemaster. I need to tell him what I learned and find out why he had Valsirenn summon me.
  • Objective: Talk to Ritemaster Iachesis
The Ritemaster summoned me to Ceporah Tower for a reason. Now that I've told him about the tower sentinels and the Golden Knight, I should find out what else he wanted to tell me.
  • Objective: Talk to the Ritemaster


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