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The Underforge is located beneath the Skyforge in Whiterun. This is where The Circle (of the Companions) meet to perform rituals. After the Dragonborn becomes part of The Circle and thus a werewolf, all of the werewolf totems will be found here. In addition to its involvement in the Companions questline, the Underforge serves as an escape route out of Whiterun.



Underforge entrance2

The hidden Underforge entrance right beneath the Skyforge

  • Curing yourself of Lycanthropy will disallow entry to the Underforge as well as the quest "Totems of Hircine."
  • If one uses Klimmek's Supplies or Arvak to get onto the normally unreachable exit outside Whiterun, "To Underforge" will not appear and they will not be able to enter the Underforge from there.
  • The Underforge Exit is an abandoned tower that has been broken down. The tower is empty and is believed to be an old tower for Whiterun, but was destroyed in some past event.
  • Unless the follower is a member of The Circle, they will not be able to follow you into the Underforge (tested and confirmed with Serana).


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  • One may be unable to re-enter the Underforge after completing the Companions Questline.
  •  PC   Despite other Companion members being the only followers who can enter the Underforge with you, even they may not be able to enter sometimes.confirmation needed

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