The Unfortunate Shopkeeper is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This is the second quest of the Fighters Guild questline in Anvil. It involves a merchant who has a problem with thieves who keep breaking into his store.


Norbert Lelles is having a lot of break-ins at his store, Lelles' Quality Merchandise, in the waterfront area of Anvil. He invites the Hero to stay overnight and discover who the thieves are. Alternatively, the Hero can wait outside from 8pm, where the thieves will be outside the shop together.

After 11pm, three thieves break into the store—Storn the Burly, Aenvir, and Dranas Lerano. Kill them and then report success to Lelles at The Flowing Bowl.

Lelles recognizes their names, as they were all former employees of his. He expresses his sadness over that they had turned into a life of crime and gives a leveled reward before sending the Hero back to Azzan.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

Azzan has told me about a contract in Anvil, at Norbert Lelles store, Lelles' Quality Merchandise.

  • Update: After discussing the matter with Norbert Lelles:

I've spoken to Norbert Lelles, who says he has had break-ins at his store almost nightly. He would like someone to stay in the store tonight and catch the crooks in the act.

  • Update: After dealing with the burglars

I have taken care of the crooks breaking into Norbert Lelles' store. I should speak with the shopkeeper himself.

  • Update: After speaking to Norbert Lelles again

Norbert Lelles was surprised to learn that the men breaking in were all former employees, though none had been with him long. He was glad that the problem was taken care of, though.

  • Quest complete


  • A pair of Boots of the Eel are in the upstairs bedroom to the left, along with two Emeralds and a Minor Detect Life spell-scroll in the downstairs display case.
  • If handling the three thieves is too difficult, run outside. The guards and other townspeople will come and aid.
  • The front door will be locked, and the Hero must go to the back to enter.

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