The Unveiling is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


I've uncovered evidence linking important community members in Mathiisen to the Veiled Heritance. Now Raz has asked me to take the fight to them directly.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Enter the barracks
  2. Confront Malanie
  3. Talk to Razum-dar
  4. Leave the barracks
  5. Defeat Condalin
  6. Talk to Razum-dar
  7. Defeat Malanie
  8. Meet Razum-dar outside the armory


Razum-dar reveals to the Vestige his plan to root out the Veiled Heritance in town of Mathiisen. In first stage, the Vestige must enter the barracks, where Condalin and Canonreeve Malanie are, and get captured. To do so, the Vestige accuses Malanie of treason in front of her men. The Vestige is then hit in the head and falls unconscious. After waking up in a cell, Razum-dar is already standing in front of a door.

Razum-dar sets the Vestige free and tells him to confront Ondalin who is organizing his men near Fistalle's house. After fighting their way through agents of the Veiled Heritance, the Vestige finds Condalin near Fistalle's house, defeats him and reports back to Razum-dar of their success.

Razum-dar will be waiting for them near the entrance to the forge. He reveals that Canonreeve Malanie is inside the forge, trapped. The duo now confronts Malanie and defeats her.

In the last stage of the quest, the Vestige meets Razum-dar outside the armory. Razum-dar gives his thanks and on behalf of the Queen, rewards the Vestige with Queen's Eye Leathers and gold.


  • Queen's Eye Leathers
  • 73–302 GoldIcon


  • Update 1: Fixed several issues with broken theater scenes and incorrect greetings from NPCs.[1]


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