The Vampire Merta is a Clan Berne quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind available exclusively to a vampire Nerevarine.

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Journal[edit | edit source]

The Vampire Merta
I have spoken again with Raxle Berne about serving the Berne clan. He has told me of a powerful vampire named Merta living near Maar Gan. She was once a member of the Berne Clan, but broke all ties with them. Now, she lives as a rogue, but wealthy and powerful. Berne wants this rogue dead, and will allow me to try and kill this "Bloody Countess."
  • Quest accepted
I have agreed to kill Merta for Raxle Berne. If I do, he says he will reward me well for my efforts. He suggests I search the Reloth tomb to the west of Maar Gan for this rogue.
I have decided not to try and kill the vampire Merta.
I returned to Raxle Berne and told him of my success in killing Merta. He seemed pleased, and gave me the Berne Amulet in return for my service. It will allow me to return to Galom Daeus if I need to. He has also told me that I might receive further reward if I am able to kill great numbers of vampires in the opposing clans.
Because I have been able to kill a large number of Quarra and Aundae vampires, Raxle Berne has allowed me the use of the Berne cattle here in Galom Daeus, provided I kill none of them. If I do, I will no longer be welcome in Galom Daeus, and will be attacked on sight.
  • Quest completed
Because I have killed some of the cattle, I have lost the privilege of using them for food.
  • Quest completed

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