"The Errinorne Academy was destroyed when the Sload sacked Skywatch in 1E 1301 and never rebuilt, as its island location was thereafter deemed indefensible. But now the ruined halls of the academy's great library have been reoccupied."
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The Veiled Keep, formerly known as The Errinorne Academy is a location that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is one of the main headquarters for the Veiled Heritance.


When Auridon was attacked by the Sload in 1E 1301,[1] Skywatch was sacked and Errinorne Academy was destroyed. The Veiled Heritance later re-occupied the Isle sometime in the Second Era and made the academy's great library their headquarters.[2]


The Veil FallsEdit

After completing all trials, the Vestige must enter the keep. High Kinlady Estre will become notified that one of Queen Ayrenn's spies has infiltrated the Isle and will put the guards on high alert. To clear the first room, kill all the Heritance members and open the door with a switch. In the second room, deactivate all the crystals which will open a door. In the third room, kill the three leaders of the Veiled Heritance and exit the keep.

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