The Verethi Gang is a quest for the Fighters Guild available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Eydis Fire-Eye in Balmora Fighters Guild for Orders
  2. Go to Mannammu and kill the leader of The Verethi Gang, Dovres Verethi.
  3. Return to Eydis Fire-Eye to claim your reward.

Detailed walkthrough[edit | edit source]

To begin the quest ask Eydis Fire-Eye for Orders and she will respond saying that a distinguished client has placed a contract on the Verethi Gang. When questioning further about the Verethi Gang she will say:

Our client wants the leader of the Verethi Gang, Dovres Verethi, killed. The Verethi Gang are smugglers based in Mannammu just south-east of Pelagiad. Kill Dovres Verethi and report back to me for 1000 septims.

Once the journal has been updated, leave the Fighters Guild and head toward the Silt-Strider. Once you reach it ask to travel to Seyda-Neen. As Soon as you leave the Silt-Strider, head north east towards Pelagiad. Head South from the centre of Pelagiad and south-east when you reach water to find the cave named Mannammu.

Upon entry you will be attacked by Ena, first warrior of the gang, kill her and take the first turn to the left. At the turn you will encounter another female member of the gang, Uvisea Benethran. As you continue through the tunnel, cross the bridge, disposing of a further two gang members on your way. Carry on into a built up area with wooden planks covering surfaces. Note as you head down the stairs there is a book laid out upon the table which will increase your Mysticism skill; there is also a number of chests with various loot in at this point. Carry on out of the wooded area through another tunnel into a next urbanised area with mopre gang members in. You can carry straight on or head up the stairs to the left onto a small platform where more loot can be found. Carry on until you find a platform surrounded by water. This is where Dovres Verethi is located. Kill him and pick up whatever loot you desire (the book on the table is again a skill book and will increase Security skill if read). Head out of the cave the way you entered and return to Eydis Fire-Eye in Balmora.

Speak to her about the Verethi Gang and she will congratulate you and reward you with 1000 Gold.

Journal[edit | edit source]

The Verethi Gang
Eydis Fire-Eye asked me to kill the smuggler Dovres Verethi, the head of the Verethi Gang. They are based in Mannammu just southeast of Pelagiad.
  • Quest accepted
Eydis Fire-Eye paid me 1,000 gold for putting the Verethi Gang out of business.
  • Quest complete

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