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The Vintage Brandy is a Thieves Guild quest given by Free New-Shoes Bragor. Sugar-Lips Habasi wants the Nerevarine to steal some Vintage Brandy from the recently deceased Ralen Hlaalo, in the Hlaalo Manor. However, any Vintage Brandy should work.


Getting into the ManorEdit

The manor is across the river and has two lock doors one at 30 the other at 40. It is best to go in through the balcony with a lock of 40, and unseen by the guards.

The BrandyEdit

Inside the manor there are two bottles of Vintage Brandy:

  • There is a vintage brandy in the dresser upstairs.
  • There is a vintage brandy on the shelf nearest to the body of Ralen Hlaalo.

Once the brandy has been recovered go to Habasi for a reward of 1000GoldIcon During this quest, it is possible to receive a journal update to try to solve the murder of Ralen Hlaalo.


The Vintage Brandy
Sugar-Lips tells me that Ralen Hlaalo is dead, but has left behind some vintage brandy.
  • Quest accepted
Sugar-Lips Habasi told me that Ralen Hlaalo had a bottle of vintage brandy. Since Ralen Hlaalo is dead, Sugar-Lips Habasi asked me to bring her the vintage brandy.
I brought a bottle of vintage brandy to Sugar-Lips Habasi.
  • Quest complete

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