Not to be confused with The Waking Darkness.

The Waking Dreamer is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


I found the journal of Graccus, an Imperial who destroyed a Bosmer village to find a treasure buried below.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find Manse Cellar Key
  2. Enter the Cellar
  3. Find Mysterious Tome
  4. Find a Way Beneath the Cellar
  5. Take the Drop
  6. Climb Out
  7. Find Graccus
  8. Stop Graccus
  9. Examine the Oghma Infinium


Entering The Vile Manse in Valenwood, it is possible to find several messages pointing to Graccus as a wizard who killed an entire Bosmeri town to keep some treasure buried deep below the area.

In one of the Manse's rooms, inside a pair of boots, the keys can be found. From there, down the cellar, hordes of foes, usually grouped in four, two being healers. After finding the Mysterious Tome, Hermaeus Mora appears and says that Graccus holds deep down the Manse the Oghma Infinium, and even offers the magnificent book if the wizard is defeated.

Finding a way beneath the cellar, there is a hole on the ground that goes pretty deep. Taking the drop, it ends in a large pool in an enormous cave. As Hermaeus Mora appears, he indicates down the path where Graccus and the Oghma Infinium are, where the ruins of the swallowed city remains.

Going through ways of solid ice and some Frost Atronachs, Graccus is located at the far end performing a ritual. After stopping and killing Graccus, reading the Oghma Infinium will grant a screaming action and the book to disappear. Hermeaus Mora projects himself atop of the altar table and is relieved that his artifact will be secure once again in Apocrypha. If asked, admits that lied about giving the book for his own purposes. Anyway, impressed, he rewards the task with Discourse Amarantine and its hidden knowledge.


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