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The Warlords is a miscellaneous quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal.


Commiting the Murders[]

  1. Enter the Vacant Manor
  2. Talk to Dovor Oren
  3. Go to The Winged Guar and kill Soscean.
  4. Return to Dovor Oren.
  5. Talk to Felvan Ienith.
  6. Kill Elanande.
  7. Return to Felvan Ienith.
  8. Talk to Dovor Oren.
  9. Talk to Olvyne Dobar.
  10. Go to the Temple Courtyard and Kill Bels Uvenim.
  11. Return to Olvyne Dobar.
  12. Talk to Dovor Oren.
  13. Go to the Great Bazaar and Kill Suldreni Salandas.
  14. Return to Dovor Oren to complete the quest.

Stop the Murderers[]

  1. Tell Felvan Ienith to turn himself in.
  2. Tell Olvyne Dobar to turn herself in.


Dovor Oren and his two acolytes are in the Vacant Manor. Dovor Oren first asks the Nerevarine for Soscean's armor and sword. Soscean hangs in The Winged Guar bar: he refuses to argue and so the only way to get the items is to kill him (by doing a critical hit in discretion mode, and if possible with a chameleon spell, and so, he there will be no denunciations to the authorities). Dovor Oren offers 5,000 Gold in reward to the Nerevarine.

Then Felvan Ienith asks the Nerevarine in turn the dress and the Elanande's axe. Elanande is at Godsreach (as Soscean, it must be killed in critical hit). Felvan Ienith offers 1,000 Gold in reward to the Nerevarine.

Then Olvyne Dobar asks the Nerevarine for the spear and the helmet of Bels Uvenim. Bels Uvenim walks around the Temple Courtyard (like Soscean, the Nerevarine has to kill him as a critical hit). Olvyne Dobar offers 1,000 Gold in reward to the Nerevarine.

Finally Dovor Oren claims the mass of weapon and the amulet of Suldreni Salandas. Suldreni Salandas is in the Great Bazaar (like Soscean, the Nerevarine has to kill him as a critical hit). Dovor Oren offers 4,000 Gold in reward to the Nerevarine.

Note: Soscean, Elanande, Bels Uvenim and Suldreni Salandas can be killed without doing this quest: if the Nerevarine wants to keep their unique weapons and armor, or resell them to the merchant crab which will earn the Nerevarine more compared to the rewards given by Dovor Oren.


  • 11,000 Gold


The Warlords – MS_Warlords
ID Journal Entry
10 I met Dovor Oren in a vacant manor house in Mournhold. He claims to be preparing for some sort of war between the Temple and the Imperials.
  • Quest accepted
30 Dovor Oren has asked me to find Soscean in the Winged Guar, and get his sword and cuirass. I will have to kill him, which Oren assures me is the right thing to do.
40 I killed Soscean and brought his sword and cuirass to Dovor Oren, who paid me for the items.
50 I should speak with Felvan Ienith to see how I can help him.
60 Felvan Ienith has asked me to kill Elanande, and take her robe and axe. She should be somewhere in Godsreach.
70 I killed Elanande and brought her equipment to Felvan Ienith.
80 I should speak with Olvyne Dobar to see if she needs any equipment.
90 Olvyne Dobar has asked me to kill Bels Uvenim and retrieve his equipment for her. He should be somewhere in the vicinity of the Temple.
100 I killed Bels Uvenim and brought his spear and helmet to Olvyne.
110 Dovor Oren has asked me to bring him Suldreni Salandas' amulet and mace.
120 I have completed all the tasks that Dovor Oren required of me.
  • Quest complete
200 I have declined Dovor Oren's invitation to help him re-shape Mournhold. He implied that I shouldn't have any further contact with him.
  • Quest complete
210 I have killed Dovor Oren.
  • Quest complete
10 Felvan Ienith told me that Dovor Oren gained his wealth illegally, stealing from Mournhold's nobility.
20 I have convinced Felvan Ienith to consider turning himself in for his crimes, before anyone else gets hurt.
30 I have convinced Olvyne Dobar to consider turning herself in for her crimes, before anyone else gets hurt.
40 I found Dovor Oren dead in the vacant manor in Mournhold; his fellow conspirators are nowhere to be found.
50 Felvan Ienith and Olvyne Dobar turned themselves in for their crimes. Apparently they killed Dovor Oren when he attempted to stop them from going to the authorities. They have not implicated me in any way.
  • Quest complete


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