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The Warrior birthsign.

"Those born under the sign of the Warrior are skilled with weapons of all kinds, but prone to short tempers."
The Firmament[src]

The Warrior is the first Guardian Constellation. His charges, The Lady, The Steed and the Lord are under his protection. His own season is the Last Seed.[1] The Warrior constellation contains the Planet Akatosh, which is sometimes called the Eye of the Warrior.[2]

Warrior's verse[]

Strong warrior charges... Steed prancing... Lady dancing... Lord advancing... Through the night.[3]

In-game effects[]




  • All skills associated with combat increase 20% faster




  • The effect it has in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind can make it easier to successfully hit enemies.
  • The total Health which the player gains each level is determined by Endurance. Choosing this sign and increasing Endurance as much as possible can give your character the highest potential Health later on.
  • Redguards particularly benefit from this birthsign, since their racial bonuses stack with the effect of the Warrior birthsign.