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The Waters of Oblivion is a book regarding religious Tamrielic concepts such as Aedra, Daedra, and Oblivion.



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A hundred and twenty numbered ages in the void that fated folk had grown deep-schooled in evil. Then the Bright Gods resolved to punish those faithless spirits, and shatter the unruly caitiffs, those huge, unholy scathers, loathsome to the Light. They repented exceedingly that they had gazed upon Oblivion, and seen there the first of dark kin, and welcomed them as brothers and sisters.

The Principalities of Victory beheld how great was the wickedness of the wayward spirits, and saw that they were bold in sin and full of wiles. They resolved then to chasten the tribes of Daedra, and smite darkkind with hammer and hand.

But ever shall Darkness contest the Light, and great were the Powers that breathed the void and laid waste upon one another, and no oath might bind them, so deep were they in envy and perfidy. For once the portals are opened, who shall shut them upon the rising tide?


  • There are additional comments in the Battlespire version of this book:

[beneath this passage from THE WATERS OF OBLIVION someone has scrawled a comment in blood; the script is still damp]

[the comment]
Crap!!! Where do they GET such silly ideas?


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  • Skyrim: If this book is picked up before receiving the miscellaneous quest from Urag gro-Shub, it will not mark the quest objective for retrieving the book, and will become stuck as a quest item.
    •  PC   Fix: in the console, type "player.drop 0001AD17 1" to drop the item, then pick it up again and it would have marked the quest objective as completed.



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