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The Weary Vampire is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. You will only receive this quest if you are a vampire.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Ask about the latest rumors in Tel Mora.
  2. Travel to the Drethan Ancestral Tomb and speak with Marara.
  3. Slay Marara.

Deatailed walkthroughEdit


You can ask around for rumors in Tel Mora and you will learn of a powerful vampire who has been killing people lately. She will be hiding in Drethan Ancestral Tomb, southwest of Ald Daedroth and east of Rotheran.

Wating for the end...Edit

Once you arrive at the tomb and defeat whatever undead you find inside, you will encounter the vampire in question; Marara. She will explain that she has become tired of her unlife and wishes for her existence to end. However, she refuses to fall to mere mortals and wishes to be killed by one of her own kind, thus she will ask you to kill her.


  • You won't receive a reward for this quest except for what you can loot of Marara's body and in the tomb. Marara herself carries a unique ring and plenty of gold.


The Weary Vampire
While in Tel Mora, I heard rumors of a powerful vampire living in a tomb nearby. She apparently has grown weary of her unlife, and longs for her own death. She refuses, however, to allow herself to be slain by the hands of any mortal, though many have tried to claim the riches that lie within the tomb.
  • Quest accepted
I have met the vampire Marara. She no longer desires the unlife she has had for many hundreds of years, and wishes to be killed in combat by another of her kind.
I have decided to kill Marara. If she has no wish to continue her life as a vampire, perhaps I can oblige her.
I have decided not to kill Marara. Her death is her own, and I have no wish to take part in it.
  • Quest completed
I have succeeded in killing the vampire Marara.
  • Quest completed

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