"Who wanders into my web? More playthings?"
―The Whisperer, at beginning of dungeon

The Whisperer is a Spider Daedra that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is instrumental in the quest "Deadly Whispers," and is the final boss of the dungeon Spindleclutch I. Spindlecleave and Whisperwoe are unique weapons dropped sometimes from it.

It is responsible for turning the Fighters Guild expedition members against each other using some sort of mind control. Considering the kind of Daedra and the theme of murder and discord, it may serve Mephala.


  • Impale – basic melee attack, tauntable
  • Arachnophobia – blue orb that stuns and creates hallucinations of spiders, high magic damage
  • Web Blast – green spit from boss, fatal on hard mode (even if blocked). Can be dodged. If not tank, can be identified by boss turning to face towards non-tank player
  • Web Pull – pulls in players using webs, usually followed by explosion
  • Daedric Explosion – magic AoE around boss, heavy damage


Deadly WhispersEdit


Pledge: Spindleclutch IEdit

Clear Spindleclutch I.

Related AchievementsEdit

  • "Spindleclutch Vanquisher" — clear Spindleclutch I


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