The White Hall serves as the seat of power in The Pale, including the city of Dawnstar, and is the residence of Jarl Skald the Elder.


The White Hall keep serves as both the Jarl's residence and the place where he holds court. The keep's main feature is the large combined throne room, mead hall, and council chamber that dominates the largest portion of the main floor. To the right are the Jarl's bedchambers, while Madena, the Jarl's advisor (and spell vendor), resides on the upper floor, along with his servant Bulfrek. Madena's spell shop has been partly turned over to the Stormcloaks as a war room, with the blessing of Jarl Skald. A skill book can be found on a small table upstairs tucked between a barrel and pony keg in the room with the training dummy.


The following characters can initially be seen inside this location:

The following arrive if the Imperials take control of Dawnstar:

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