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The White Phial is an alchemy shop in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that is found in the market district of Windhelm. It is operated by an Altmer named Nurelion and his apprentice Quintus Navale, who will eventually take over the shop. 

Wares and amenities[]

Selling various types of alchemical ingredients, he also sells pre-made potions and potion recipes. In the far corner of the establishment is an Alchemy Lab, which the Dragonborn is free to use. In the adjoining room, a Cooking Spit can be found. 

Notable items[]

Name origin[]

The White Phial is named after an ancient alchemical relic of the same name that is said to be crafted from the first snow to fall on the Throat of the World. Nurelion chose this name in hopes that someone would visit with word of the phial's whereabouts. He spent his entire life searching for it, and if prompted, he asks the Dragonborn to continue his search.


The White Phial[]

Help Nurelion find a magical vessel called the "The White Phial" inside the Forsaken cave.