Not to be confused with The Will of the Worm.

The Will of the Woods is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


The princess of Evermore is being cared for in the Viridian Woods, but her future is uncertain.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find the Viridian Sentinel's Altar
  2. Examine Princess Elara
  3. Talk to Stenwick Gurles
  4. Charge Stenwick's Amulet in the Fairy Rings
  5. Return the Amulet to the Stenwick at His Hut
  6. Administer the Salve to Princess Elara
  7. Talk to Elara
  8. Talk to the Viridian Sentinel
  9. Find the Voice of the Forest
  10. Get a Spriggan Bud from the Voice of the Forest
  11. Take the Bud to Wyress Demara's Camp
  12. Talk to Wyress Demara
  13. Talk to Elara
  14. Bless the Spriggan Bud at the Wyrd Camp
  15. Talk to Elara at the Wyrd Camp
  16. Go to the Sentinel's Home
  17. Talk to the Sentinel
  18. Gather the Essence of the Viridian Sentinel
  19. Talk to Princess Elara at the lake altar
  20. Bring the Amulet to the Altar
  21. Start the Ritual
  22. Talk to the Voice of the Forest
  23. Complete the Ritual
  24. Talk to Princess Elara



  • Sentinel's Longbow
  • 146–604 GoldIcon



This section contains bugs related to The Will of the Woods. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  •  PC  : During the quest step to protect Princess Elara, the quest would not be failed if Princess Elara died, leaving it stuck. As of Update 1, this has be updated to the quest fails.[1]


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