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The Witchmother's Bargain is a holiday event quest in The Elder Scrolls Online that is only available during the Halloween season. It is an introductory quest of the annual Witches' Festival event.


I have summoned one of the fabled witchmothers, who are rumored to appear only during the Witches Festival! Legends say these strange beings can be bargained with for power.


  1. Acquire the free crow caller from the Crown Store
  2. Use the crow caller
  3. Talk to Witchmother Olyve
    1. Obtain a pumpkin
    2. Obtain guts
    3. Defeat a delve boss and obtain the Essence of Death
  4. Meet Olyve at her brewery


The crow caller must first be obtained from the Crown Store. Using it will summon Olyve, who will ask for pumpkin, guts, and "Essence of Death", the latter which is obtained from defeating any non-Cyrodiil Delve boss.

Lady Llarel's Shelter is a quick and convenient delve that is located just northwest of Obsidian Gorge Wayshrine in Deshaan), but any non-PvP delve will work.

To finish, the Vestige must find Olyve in her brewery. The quest journal will direct the Vestige according to their Alliance, but any of the 3 breweries will work. The one northwest of Crosswych Wayshrine, Glenumbra is perhaps the most convenient.



Journal Entry
The witchmother I summoned doesn't seem hostile. I should speak with her and see what she wants.
  • Objective: Talk to Witchmother Olyve
Witchmother Olyve wants me to bring her some reagents. The pumpkin and guts should be easy to find, but I must also collect the "Essence of Death" from the strongest creature in any "dangerous delve" outside of Cyrodiil.
  • Objective: Acquire a Pumpkin
  • Objective: Gather Some Guts
  • Objective: Gather an Essence of Death
I collected the reagents she requested. I should speak with Witchmother Olyve about her witchmother's brew.
  • Objective: Talk to Witchmother Olyve
I delivered the reagents Witchmother Olyve requested. I should speak with her.
  • Objective: Talk to Witchmother Olyve
  • Quest complete