The Woodsman's Friend is a unique iron battleaxe found in Falkreath Hold. It does slightly more damage than a normal iron battleaxe, but takes longer to swing. Because of this, it actually loses damage points overall. 


The axe is located just southwest of the Conjurer's Altar and north of Pinewatch, near the body of a dead woodcutter. There are two sets of felled trees, it is located near the set of trees closest to Lake Ilinalta (on the southeastern side of the lake).

  1. Locate Pinewatch (Falkreath Hold)
  2. Follow the path north, through the pass and towards the lake
  3. Locate the first set of felled trees (just to the right of the trail)
    1. Optional* Go to the Conjurer's Altar to locate the second set of felled trees (closer to the shore)
  4. Walk along the felled trees
  5. Go to the alive tree on the left (closest to the rocks)
  6. The axe is in the grass (slightly hidden) at the base of the tree


The Woodsman's Friend cannot be upgraded at grindstones.



This section contains bugs related to The Woodsman's Friend. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  •  360   There is a possibility that "The Woodsman's Friend" may vanish when it is approached.
  • If Serana resurrects the dead woodcutter, the axe may reappear repeatedly after being picked up.
  •  PC   PS3   PS4   If Hearthfire is installed, the dead woodcutter may not spawn, along with his axe. This is fixed in Skyrim: Remastered  PS4  .


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