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"What's the safest place for a secret hideout? Inside another secret hideout, of course! Within the Thieves Den the tenets of the Guild are observed by one and all, and no one need fear the intrusion of law enforcement."
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The Thieves Den is a location in northeastern Abah's Landing, in Hew's Bane in The Elder Scrolls Online: Thieves Guild. It serves as the headquarters of the Thieves Guild, after the Iron Wheel destroyed their previous one. The location itself is a cistern, with much of the platforms built on top of water. It has two entrances.


Heist BoardEdit

Heists are repeatable quests that can be performed daily. They can be taken at the Heist Board in the Den. If the player performs the quest within the time limit they are awarded with a bonus Unidentified Equipment container. Regardless of performance however the quests will always award 302 GoldIcon, Thieves Guild reputation and a Satchel of Laundered Goods.

Following heist locations can only be accessed by a conversation with Fa'ren-dar:

Notable itemsEdit





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