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The Thieves Guild is an association of thieves and criminals in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, which operates across Tamriel.

The Guild in MorrowindEdit

The Guild does not have guild halls like other factions, at least until the end of the Thieves Guild plotline, but has its own cornerclubs, storehouses, and buildings where members can meet in general privacy. It has some influence in official matters, and can "clean" its members' crimes for a payment from them. The Thieves Guild has spread across Tamriel and established branches in most of the provinces. However, it is not known if these branches even communicate with each other, as the Guild's methods differ heavily from province to province. Mostly, the Thieves Guild restricts its actions to avoid bloodshed and not to rob the downtrodden or those who cannot really afford it. In Morrowind the local guild steward, Gentleman Jim Stacey, has resurrected an old society, the Bal Molagmer, who see it as their duty to help the poor.

In the past, prostitution and drugs were a major part of Thieves Guild business, but this was almost entirely stopped due to the legality of prostitution and the presumability that the Guild could be found and known. This was unwanted. So, the doyens had a meeting and agreed that in order to preserve the Guild, and not so as to act upon the poor, they passed the law and allowed for the guild to end up safe.

On Vvardenfell, in the province of Morrowind, the Guild is run by Gentleman Jim Stacey, in Vivec City. There are cornerclubs in nearly every city where local members of the Guild meet and plan their actions. Near the end of the Third Era, the Vvardenfell guild chapter is endangered to be destroyed by the Fighters Guild which has been infiltrated by the Camonna Tong crime syndicate.


Balmora guildEdit

These quests are assigned by Sugar-Lips Habasi in the Balmora guild.

Ald'ruhn guildEdit

These quests are assigned by Aengoth the Jeweler in the Ald'ruhn guild.

Wolverine Hall guildEdit

These quests are assigned by Big Helende in the Wolverine Hall guild.

Vivec City guildEdit

These quests are assigned by Gentleman Jim Stacey in the Vivec City guild.

Bal MolagmerEdit

These quests are Gentleman Jim Stacey's Bal Molagmer quests, which are assigned in the Vivec City guild.






Dagon FelEdit

Dren PlantationEdit

Gnaar MokEdit



Molag MarEdit


Sadrith MoraEdit

Seyda NeenEdit

Tel MoraEdit

Vivec CityEdit

Guild ranksEdit

In Morrowind the ranks are as follows:

  1. Toad
  2. Wet Ear
  3. Footpad
  4. Blackcap
  5. Operative
  6. Bandit
  7. Captain
  8. Ringleader
  9. Mastermind
  10. Master Thief


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