The Thieves Guild Armor is given to you by Tonilia, the Thieves' Guild Fence, just after receiving the Thieves' Guild quest Loud and Clear.


Full Thieves Guild Armor.

Name Weight Armor Enchantments
Thieves Guild Armor 7 33 Carrying capacity increased by 20
Thieves Guild Boots 1.5 10 Pickpocket success is +15% better
Thieves Guild Gloves 1 10 Lockpicking is 15% easier
Thieves Guild Hood 1.5 15 Prices are 10% better

You later get an opportunity to upgrade one piece of the armor to increase its stats.

The Armor upgrade can increase the carrying capacity limit by 15, resulting in a new capacity limit being 35 instead of 20. The Boot upgrade increases the pickpocket chance by another 10%, resulting in a total of 25%. The Glove upgrade increases lockpicking chance by another 10% as well, resulting in the total of 25%. And finally, the Hood upgrade makes the prices better by another 5%, resulting in the total of 15%.

After the quest Under New Management, the Player turns in their current Thieves' Guild Armor in exchange for a black set of Thieves' Guild Armor (Called the Guild Master's Armor) with better bonuses than ALL of the originally-upgraded pieces of armor. This set of armor is identical to the armor that Vex and Brynjolf wear. Ironically, Mercer Frey is not seen wearing this armor, despite the fact that it is called the Guild Master's Armor and he is the Guild's leader after Gallus' death.


  • While wearing the armor, guards will sometimes comment, "I know Thieves' Guild armor when I see it, you're not fooling anybody..." and, "I know you're a member of the Thieves' Guild, and so do the other guards."


  • This armor is needed to exchange with Tonilia in a later quest. Without it, the quest cannot be completed and you're unable to use her as a fence. Additionally, you will not be able to finish Under New Management and become guildmaster if you do not have the armor.

For the above reasons do not under any circumstances sell your Thieves Guild Armor back to Tonilia or any other merchant as there will be no way at all to retrieve it. So far there seems to be no possibility of this issue being fixed on console

  • If you have sold (or somehow lost) the Thieves Guild Armor and you are playing the PC version you can use the console command, player.additem <itemid> <amount>. To open console on PC press the ~ (tilde) key and click on your player to select. Then type in the correct item id and amount (1 will work).
  • Item IDs are listed below
    • Thieves Guild Armor: 000d3ac3
    • Thieves Guild Boots: 000d3ac2
    • Thieves Guild Gloves: 000d3ac4
    • Thieves Guild Hood: 000d3ac5
  • If wearing the hood while playing as a vampire it will not be visible and will graphicly glitch the player's hair the make him or her have a massive bald spot, it is also possible to wear another peice of apparel on top of the hood.


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