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Not to be confused with Thief Cache.

Thieves Troves are containers added with the introduction of the The Elder Scrolls Online: Thieves Guild expansion. They contain stolen items, gold, lockpicks, potions, regional equipment and coarse chalk. Sometimes treasure maps or edicts can be found.


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Bal FoyenEdit


  • Bleakrock Village – Below the bridge near the Guild Trader
  • In Bleakrock Village – Behind Halmaera's House
  • In Bleakrock Village – In boat that transports to Deshaan
  • Near Paddlefloes fishing camp – Go across from the island towards the building, its under a tree
  • Bleakrock Village lighthouse – Behind a tent
  • North of Bleakrock Village – Behind a tree
  • Frostedge Camp
  • Outside Deathclaw's Lair
  • North end of Island – North of Hunter's camp, West of Orkey's Hollow
  • Hozzin's Folly – Behind the easternmost house


Khenarthi's RoostEdit


  • Glenumbra – The Hotspur – Located above the captains bed
  • Glenumbra – The Spearhead – In Kaleen's store room next to a wardrobe
  • Glenumbra – Eagle Brook – On the docks 
  • Glenumbra – Baelborn Way Shrine – Follow the river south, it should be under the bridge





The RiftEdit

DLC regionsEdit



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