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9 Mid Year

The dro-m'Athra whispers to this one, foolishly thinking it can break a monk's resolve. It has only served to strengthen convictions-—it must be contained, and cannot be allowed to escape this place and wreak havoc on innocents.

This one will fight it, so that others do not have to.

11 Mid Year

A wandering pilgrim happened into the temple today. Perhaps a soldier, as the thunderbugs posed little threat to him. This one's warning was too late, the dro-m'Athra spirit managed to possess the hapless soldier. The spirit attempted to flee in its new body, and escape this one's careful watch, but it was to no avail.

The soldier will be missed. The vigil must be doubled, as the spirit came too close to escape. The measures this one must take to contain the evil are harsh, but necessary.


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