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"We're colder than snow and harder than steel. We wrap ourselves in both to remind us of the world we face."

Thirsk Mead Hall is a grand hall on the banks of Lake Fjalding that once served as a home and hunting lodge to a clan of Nord warriors. The mead hall is just east of the Beast Stone.


The book Thirsk, a Revised History describes the founding of the Mead Hall. The following is a summary:

Third Era[]

Roughly a hundred years before the book's publication (probably sometime around 3E 320, seeing as the book first appears in Bloodmoon), a small group of Solstheim's Skaal decided to break away from their brethren and live independently. They looked for a new location to settle, and found Lake Fjalding after migrating some distance south. Construction began, and after roughly a month, the new Mead Hall was completed, also serving as a hunting lodge.

Despite the great achievement, the settlers' celebrations were short-lived. The construction of the Mead Hall had awakened an ancient creature which had lain dormant beneath the ice nearby. Its name was the Udyrfrykte, and it wrought death upon the settlers at Lake Fjalding in revenge for disturbing its sleep, reducing their numbers by half. A sorcerer managed to drive the Udyrfrykte back to its lair, sparing them from further carnage, but not destroying the beast.

Thirsk Mead Hall

After peace had returned, tensions grew over who would be the Mead Hall's new leader. Many settlers believed Hrothmund the Red to be the most worthy candidate, but Drengr Bronze-Helm disagreed, stating himself superior to Hrothmund. They fought a duel to resolve their differences, which ended when Hrothmund beheaded Drengr Bronze-Helm where he stood. His battle-prowess earned Hrothmund the title of the Mead Hall's first chieftain. To serve as a reminder, Drengr Bronze-Helm's head was placed on a pedestal in the middle of the Hall for all to see.

This set a tradition that every new leader of the Mead Hall follows. After receiving the consent of Hrothmund the Red's spirit in Hrothmund's Barrow, they display their most prized battle trophy on the pedestal within Thirsk Mead Hall.

Many years later, a fire on the lake freed the Udyrfrykte and it again massacred the residents of the hall. The sole survivor, Svenja Snow-Song, asked the Nerevarine to hunt down and destroy the beast once and for all; offering leadership of the hall in return.

Fourth Era[]

The warriors of Thirsk bought mead from Skyrim and had it shipped over by the East Empire Company. After the prices began to rise, they started to brew their own mead.

Sometime before 4E 201, the hall was overrun by rieklings led by their chief. Bujold and the other warriors fled the hall and headed down the hill. They, then, set camp along the beach, while the rieklings took over the hall.

Later, during the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn, the Last Dragonborn visits the hall and could either help the chief of the Rieklings by killing Bujold and her warriors, or accompany Nords as they retake Thirsk Mead Hall.


When the Hall is overrun with Rieklings, the interior is a mess. Tables and chairs are overturned, and the skulls and painted bones characteristic of Riekling lairs litter the place. A throne sits at the far back of the hall, where the chief sits.

If the Dragonborn undertakes the quest "Retaking Thirsk," after the Rieklings have been eradicated, the Hall is refurnished. New wall hangings, lighting, barrels, cooking fires and furnishings are added, and new sleeping quarters are installed at the back. The improved lighting shows off the Nordic woodwork and architecture. The mead bottles and drinking vessels that adorn the tables are, in many places, knocked over and many of them litter the floor. If the Dragonborn undertakes quest "The Chief of Thirsk Hall," or does not undertake either quest, the Hall remains as it was when the Dragonborn first encountered it.


Side quests[]

  • Retaking Thirsk – Help the Nords retake Thirsk Mead Hall from rieklings. Once completed, several miscellaneous quests become available at the Hall.
  • The Chief of Thirsk Hall – Help an intelligent riekling chief with several tasks. Once completed, the Dragonborn can occasionally receive the help of one to three rieklings.

The two quests are opposed: if the Dragonborn completes one of them, the other is automatically failed.

Miscellaneous quests[]

The following miscellaneous quests become available after the quest "Retaking Thirsk."


After completing "Retaking Thirsk" the former members of Thirsk Mead Hall will move back in.

  • Bujold the Intrepid – Leader of Thirsk Mead Hall, if her unworthiness is told to the other members of the Hall, she will move back to Bujold's Retreat
  • Elmus – Member of Thirsk Mead Hall, gives the quests "Elmus' Berries" and "Elmus' Mead"
  • Halbarn Iron-Fur – Blacksmith for Thirsk Mead Hall, gives the quest "Halbarn's Supplies"
  • Herkja – Member of Thirsk Mead Hall
  • Hilund – Member of Thirsk Mead Hall, gives the quest "Hilund's Spears"
  • Kuvar – Husband of Bujold, will move with her if she moves to Bujold's Retreat
  • Sirkjorg – Member of Thirsk Mead Hall


The quest "Retaking Thirsk" involves the slaying of a band of rieklings that have taken over the Hall, including their chief. These Rieklings are not hostile before undertaking the quest. After completing said quest, the Hall will occasionally attacked again by a group of Rieklings.


  • There are sleeping quarters at the back of the Hall (to the north), containing five beds. None of them are owned.
  • Halbarn Iron-Fur can be found at the forge outside, if the quest "Retaking Thirsk" is completed. He will sell weapons, armor, and crafting equipment once his quest is completed.



This section contains bugs related to Thirsk Mead Hall (Dragonborn). Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening.
  2. If the bug is still occurring, please post the bug report with the appropriate system template  360  /  XB1  ,  PS3  /  PS4  ,  PC  /  MAC  ,  NX  /  PS5  ,  XS  , depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.
  3. Be descriptive when listing the bug and fixes, but avoid having conversations in the description and/or using first-person anecdotes: such discussions belong on the appropriate forum board.
  •  360   PS3   When waking Halbarn Iron-Fur from his bed (directly to the left upon entering the sleeping area), he will get out of his bed on the wall-facing side and will clip into the wall. 
  •  360   PS3   Sometimes upon entering Thirsk Mead Hall, no floor or walls will be present–only a few structures such as barrels and tables. If the Dragonborn falls down, they will not die and come back to the entrance. Leaving and re-entering fixes this.
  • Sometimes upon entering Thirsk Mead Hall, after defeating all the rieklings, they will all be back inside, and become hostile.
  •  360   Sometimes, waiting will cause more hostile rieklings to spawn inside.
  •  PS4   As a vampire, feeding from Kuvar when he sleeps in his bed will cause the Dragonborn to clip through the map. After falling some distance, the Dragonborn will respawn at the entrance of the Hall.
  •  PS4   Feeding upon Halbarn Iron-Fur will cause the Dragonborn to clip through the wall adjacent to his bed.
  •  PS4   The chairs inside the Hall may not be possible to interact with.
  •  XB1   One may be unable to enter Thirsk during the quest "Retaking Thirsk."
  •  NX   If the riekling chief is killed by another riekling and not the Dragonborn, all of the rieklings may disappear upon entering or leaving Thirsk Mead Hall.