"Kraldar's family was once very powerful in Winterhold. It's my honor to assist him even now."

Thonjolf is the Nord housecarl for Kraldar.


He can be found in Winterhold inside Kraldar's House. If the Dragonborn sided with the Empire, he will instead be the housecarl of Kraldar, the new Jarl of Winterhold. If sided with the Stormcloaks, he can be found hiding in Erikur's house in Solitude, together with Kraldar.


Animal ExterminationEdit

Clear a wild beast out of Thonjolf's home (could possibly be located in Erikur's House in Solitude if the Stormcloaks are sided with in the Civil War).

Hired ThugsEdit

If stolen from him or Kraldar, he might send hired thugs after the Dragonborn.


The latest newsEdit

Kraldar: "So, what's the latest exciting news about goings-on in Winterhold?"
Thonjolf: "There is no news, I'm afraid."
Kraldar: "None? Nothing at all? Nothing from the College, even?"
Thonjolf: "I shall inform you the moment something noteworthy happens."
Kraldar: "Yes, that will be fine. Thank you."

A meal with the Arch-MageEdit

Thonjolf: "Will you be needing anything special today?"
Kraldar: "Why don't you see if Arch-Mage Aren is interested in joining me for a meal?"
Thonjolf: "Again? Are you sure? He still hasn't answered your last several requests."
Kraldar: "Well, he's been very busy. Perhaps today he'll have some free time."
Thonjolf: "As you wish."

No, I don't think soEdit

Thonjolf: "Malur, I need you to take care of something."
Malur: "No, I don't think so. Not today."
Thonjolf: "I haven't even said what it is."
Malur: "Doesn't really matter. Thanks, but no."


  • "I'm just the Housecarl. If you need something, you should speak to Kraldar."―Imperials control Winterhold
  • "I'm very busy, you know. I'm the only one Kraldar can rely on to assist him."―Imperials control Winterhold
  • "I'm not one to complain, but I'm not sure why Kraldar insists on keeping Malur Seloth around."―Imperials control Winterhold
  • "Kraldar's family was once very powerful in Winterhold. It's my honor to assist him even now."
  • "Kraldar has big plans for Winterhold. We'd be better off if he was in charge."
  • "Some people can't be trusted to accomplish anything that's asked of them. They don't take pride in their work."


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