"The mine will be the talk of Skyrim soon, you'll see. It'll be the stuff of legends."

Thorgar is a Nord and owner of the Whistling Mine.



He will pay seven septims for each piece of iron ore brought to him. He may send hired thugs after anyone who steals from him.

Letter of Inheritance

If the Dragonborn is his friend and he dies, a courier may bring a letter of inheritance from him for 100 septims (minus the Jarl's 10 GoldIcon tax).


  • "It's a matter of time before the Jarl is coming to me asking for money. This mine is going to make me... I mean us, rich."
  • "Mining is hard work, but we pay a fair price for any ore you dig up."
  • "I know they laughed when I said I wanted to keep the mine open. I'll show them. I'll show them all." 
  • "You're welcome to look around, of course, but understand that this place belongs to me."



  •  360   He may send hired thugs after someone who hasn't ever been to his property.


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