• So I was playing and when I went to Markarth I witnessed the murder and got the "The forsworn conspiracy" quest. I ignored it for about 50 aeons. When I decided to do it, however, upon entering the shrine of Talos to first meet Eltrys, I immediately got the whole thing from the guards about me "interfering" and Eltrys was dead. Idk why this happened. Plz help.

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    • Somehow, the quest progressed without you doing anything. You might want to reload a save to see if Nepos the Nose or Betrid Silver-Blood are still alive. The only thing you are missing out on is some gold from Eltrys, and if you want to see how the quest actually plays out, you'll have to reload an old save from way back when you first received it. Also, check if these sound familiar:
      "After receiving this quest and before meeting Eltrys at the temple for the first time, if the player pickpockets Thonar's journal, the quest will advance to stage 90, which leaves Eltrys dead in the temple. Resetting the quest has no effect."
      " When Eltrys asks the Dragonborn to investigate around Markarth, he mentions to check in with him after finding out who was behind the recent murder. If the Dragonborn does not check in with Eltrys after EACH clue is found, upon return to Eltrys, he is found dead on the Altar of Talos, and a guard now stands in his place; meanwhile the indicator arrow to "talk to Eltrys" is still hovering where he should be. At this point the quest cannot be completed. Note: Depending on the choices made, Eltrys is supposed to die, however in this scenario the guards are supposed to arrest the Dragonborn at the shrine."

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    • Ah. I pickpocketed the journal and forgot about it. That explains a lot.

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