• Do they say anywhere what the conditions were?  Did they just call it a tie and go home?  Can the Redguards worship whoever they want?  Any mention of who will pay for repairs?  They can't just leave it at "they signed a treaty."

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    • It was likely just a white peace, and since it resulted in a fully independent Hammerfell, it's likely they can worship who they want.

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    • I am quite intrigued with the Terms of the Treaty of Stros M'Kai too. 

      If there were more details on how the White Gold Concordat and Treaty of Stros M'Kai were signed, we would've more insight into the mindset of the people who signed them based on the little details that occurred.

      For now all it says the Treaty dictates that the Aldmeri Dominion were to get the F**K off the Redguards' backyard because they fought to a stalemate.

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