• I've been playing ponty's awesome build "The last Dragonborn" ( which uses the Blade as a healing suppliment for groups, which got me thinking about ways people who roleplay noble characters can charge the blade without knowingly killing innocents. I thought I'd share list of some suggestions ive come up with

    Astrid and the Dark Brotherhood  "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood"

    An easy go to, and one directly mentioned in the build- six charges for ridding skyrim and possibly tamriel of a dangerous organisation that's plagued it for centuries? Yespleasethanx. Unfortunately Aventus now thinks you're an assasin and wants to be one when he grows up, but that cant be fixed without mods (i run one that lets me adopt him so i can rp trying to turn him from the dark path)

    Tyranus "The House of Horrors"

    A tragic case but without meta-knowledge of what happens, both you and he enter the house in good faith. If, when youre forced to kill him in self defence, the blade is what comes to hand in the heat of the moment, it isn't a deliberate murder.

    Hert at the Half moon mill

    She and Hern are dangerous vampires who, its implied, prey on their "guests". Sell her some wood then you can roleplay noticing some of the remains around the mill or the smell coming from the house. Hern doesn give you a charge but if hes there, don't spare him your blade as Farkas is fond of saying. If the patrolling guard sees you he'll consider it murder so might want to have a  follower make the initial attack

    Jaree-Ra and Deeja  "Lights Out!."

    this one might be a problem for lawful good characters since it requires you to knowingly commit a crime (putting the lightouse out) making you complicit in the wreck of the ice runner and the deaths of the sailors. I play it as inflitrating the gang and believing that jaree is greedy enough to spare the crew in exchange for extorting gold for their "rescue" as he suggests he might

    Melka, after "The Affairs of Hagravens."

    a dangerous cannibalistic hagraven? More difficult to justify helping her in the first place

    Lisbet, Banning, possibly Eola- "The taste of Death"

    Not sure about this one as i got to markarth late in my game and i think i'd charged my blade but it might work as long as you do their personal quests firsts. Business as usual before you find out what they are. Banning isnt replaced so if you want his dog, best to buy it first. The first instinct of a noble character might be to kill Eola but better to hold off on killing one cannibal long enouh to get to the entire coven

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