• Let's talk a little about magelight. Useful but very unsung spell it is. I've gotten myself in the habit in dark places of hitting my follower with it at certain times (when there's no enemies about, obviously), hitting an enemy with it (mostly so they're easier to snipe with the bow while others gang-melee him/her/it). I've noticed a few interesting things. Also, when you hit your follower with it you can also then cast magelight a second time at a wall or ground, any surface really, giving you two light sources. In some dark places like Blackreach this can be kind of useful. Cast candlelight with it and you've got three glowing orbs.

    Followers do not all react the same way to it. Annekke Crag-Jumper exclaims "AAAHH! Don't DO THAT!" when you light her up. Ingjard (from Dawnguard DLC) similarly says "What the...?! Don't DO THAT!". Hitting a city guard with it brings an interesting line of dialogue as well, I'll let you try it yourselves instead of telling you. They don't much care for it though. And Serana on the other hand has no reaction whatsoever.

    Why do you suppose some followers freak out like that. It's kind of fun to get them going like this but it got me to wondering as to the why of it. The spell causes no damage whatsoever and when used properly at the right time and place it is purely beneficial. So why the freakout?

    One other thing about magelight, and this one I did not know until just recently, is that when cast in combination with any rune spell magelight becomes a destruction spell, although I have yet to try it. I have, however, used it to open certain doorways in the Soul Cairn.

    Do you even use magelight? Perhaps you're one who prefers the good ol' hand-held torch?

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